Apartments with designer interiors
in Phuket by the sea

Premium and luxury condominiums
for living and investment. Some of the
best projects in the south of Phuket
in terms of quality and price

installment plan
Lower purchasing price
during construction period
Passive income
ranges from 5% per year

Cosy apartments
for a comfortable, happy life

Types of apartments

Interest-free installment plan for the construction phase
with a flexible payment schedule

30% deposit
Further payments
in equal shares
60% of remaining amount
to be paid in installments
10% upon
receipt of keys

Basic set of furniture
and equipment includes:

You can look at the interiors of the apartments in the showroom (for a condominium under construction) in the company's office, as well as in three condominiums already built.

All EVG Group condos are located in prestigious
tourist areas in the south of Phuket

Beaches Beaches
Seafood market Seafood market
Parks Parks
Fitness and
Restaurants Restaurants
Schools and kindergartens Schools and kindergartens
The shops The shops
Cafes and bars Cafes and bars
Hospitals Hospitals
Sights Sights
Diving center
Under Thai law,
the foreign owner of the apartment
has the right to any real estate

Apartment ownership

Choose the one
that's right for you
Freehold gives the right to life-long ownership of the apartment. Registering to a property is longer and costs higher than in a leasehold.
Leasing is a long-term rental property with the right of preferential extension of the lease for a period of 30 + 30 + 30 years.
Legal support of transactions is provided by our long-standing partners — lawyers from Premier Asia Law.
Khun Natchanun
lawyer, co-founder of Premier
Asia Law
Khun Kunnatee
lawyer, co-founder of Premier
Asia Law
Get a free consultation and choose a form
of ownership for your purposes

EVG Group offers you to become the owner of real estate in
Phuket and to return the investment.

You can live in your apartment during the agreed periods, and the
rest of the time the company rents your apartment and
lists the annual interest to you.

Get 5-7% per year
of guaranteed income for the rental
program from the EVG Group

5-7% passive income even in low season
We undertake all the work related to renting: finding tenants, settling, charging rent, maintaining an apartment, maintaining it in the proper form, etc.
You go about your business and get passive income from real estate, without being distracted by organizational and household chores!
We sign a contract:
your interests
are legally protected
Payments are made 1 time in
half a year in equal parts to
your Thai account
You make a profit
"net", excluding 5%
tax collection
Income is paid steadily, regardless
of whether your apartment
is rented or not
Interest is calculated on
the price of the apartment
at the time of purchase
The program is valid for
3 years, with the possibility
of further extension
investments we helped to return in 3 years
of the action of the rental program

You can entrust us
with the management of your property and its maintenance

EVG Group Team

We will take care of the apartment in your absence
on the basis of a contract for the management and maintenance
of real estate

Local Area Care
24-hour security
of the residential complex
Providing access to
telecommunication services
of local providers
Apartment cleaning and
regular airing (which
is especially important in the tropics!)
Uninterrupted power
and water supply
Timely repair
if something fails
Customer support for apartment owners year-round
Our managers will always help and tell you how to solve
any household or organizational issue

Apartments in Phuket at the best
promotional price

It is important to have time!
40% of the island of Phuket is a reserved:
there is less free land for building apartments!
Leave your contacts and find
out about the currently available
apartments at a discounted
promotional price
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Pavel, Russia
I bought an apartment in the Calypso condominium during the construction phase back in 2015. I decided to buy a house in Phuket to visit it more often. The idea itself was arranged: in fact, it is a foreign currency deposit with a good percentage. Both cost-effective and emotionally pleasing. Just as I expected, now I have a foreign currency deposit and the income obtained from it is 8% annually. In Russia, you will not get conditions like that in any bank. Plus a nice bonus - the opportunity to relax in Phuket for one month. At the same time, I do not feel obligated to spend my holidays in Thailand every year. I can give my friends the opportunity to relax without paying for their accommodation this month, and we will remain free to choose our vacation destination with our family. The Condo was chosen because of the district and because of the builder. Near the beach I like, there is a lake for sports. Around the condominium are cafes, shops, massage parlors. As for the developer, I know them from other projects. Therefore, there were no doubts and fears.
Anastasia, Hong Kong
I would like to leave feedback on the organization of your company. Five with a plus! Well, no minuses! One plus! Well done! I bought an apartment in Pattaya a few months ago from a foreign developer and, frankly, I already regretted that they were full of stress because of their disorganization. It’s a pleasure to work with you. Everything is so regulated and organized and for some reason everything is quickly solved. Thank you!
Alexei, Russia
In March 2019, I bought property from the EVG Group (apartment in the condominium Calypso, Thailand, Phuket). I was looking for a suitable seller for a long time, and during the year I could not pick up a reliable one. Upon detailed consideration of the proposal, it turned out that everything suited me – from an attentive and sensitive managerial staff to a loyal, very flexible and customer-oriented leadership! According to the documents, the deal turned out to be very transparent for me, even taking into account the fact that this was my first experience of buying property abroad. All my wishes and requests were 100% fulfilled! Moreover, I now have the opportunity to earn money on a rental program from the EVG Group, which shows the serious mood of the developer for a long and promising job – this gives me additional confidence. Even for my family it became a big and very pleasant bonus that, according to the terms of the program, my family and I can live in our apartment for any agreed period of time without any extra charge !!! My family and I are very happy to purchase and plan to purchase another property from this developer, as the company is a developer of several objects on Phuket

Find out which apartment options are
currently available

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