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Get 5-7% annual income
for the rental program from the
EVG Group

Leave a request, and our specialist
will calculate the exact amount
of your income


Invest in real estate in Phuket from EVG Group
and get stable passive income


You can join our Rental Guarantee Program after buying an apartment and get an income of 5-7% annually.

Contract text PDF
in English

How does the investment program work?

On request, you enter into an agreement with us, under which:
1. We rent your apartment
Your apartment is rented all year round: Phuket is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Every year 12.5 million tourists visit this island
2. We maintain complete order in them
We regularly clean and ventilate the rooms, take care of the equipment, and monitor the serviceability of communications. The apartment is kept in excellent condition
You annually receive from 5 to 7%
per annum – regardless
of your apartment for
rent or not
The amount specified in the contract
is credited to your account
Twice a year you receive a detailed report on the condition of the apartments. We are closely monitoring to ensure everything
is in order, and we check every room before renting it out and immediately after the tenants leave. In case of breakdowns, repairs
are made by our company – at the expense of money from the deposit that is charged to tourists upon arrival

According to the scheme you are charged
interest and payments are made:

The size of your annual income
is calculated from the value of your
apartment at the time of purchase
In accordance with the law,
5% of income tax is deducted from your
annual income
You receive your annual income
in equal installments every six months That is, if your annual income minus tax is
300,000 baht, then once every six months we will transfer
150,000 baht to your account

We will help you to open an account in a Thai bank for free!

Guaranteed income is transferred in equal
shares to your account in a Thai bank.
A Phuket property owner
can easily open an account.

The banks are staffed by local professionals who do not speak
English. Therefore, the help of a person who knows
Thai is required.

We will provide you with an assistant who will accompany you
to the bank and help you open an account for free! *

* In most other companies, this service costs from $ 200 to $ 300.

The sale of apartments with the possibility
of entering into a guaranteed rental agreement is a common
practice in Thailand. It allows the owner not to deal
with the problems of finding tourists,
their settlement, eviction, and apartment
maintenance. The EVG Group can solve these problems.
You get a guaranteed income
and have no worries!

The term of the investment program is 3 years,
with the possibility of further extension

Get a passive income of 5-7%
and relax in the best resort in Thailand!

Under the contract, you can relax in your apartment.
Choose the most suitable holiday for you and your family
in Phuket:
1 month in low season
2 weeks in high season
Find out why investing
in Phuket property is more
profitable and what to put in
the bank for a deposit
Buyer’s case
Pavel (Russia, Vladivostok)
Our client Pavel, the owner of the apartment in Calypso Condo, told
us what it’s like to have your own accommodation in Phuket and the benefits it brings.
Hello Pavel, tell us your estimation on the value
of your apartment?
I'm not going to sell it, so I didn’t think much about the price. I know for sure that the same apartment on our floor in 2018 was sold for 3.7 million baht. I bought the apartment during the construction phase in 2015, so the price was around 3.1 million which was much lower.
How did you get the idea to buy the property in Thailand?
She did not come to me first. She went to my friends. They live and work in Thailand and I was in Phuket and I enjoyed it. So I decided to buy a house to go there more often. The idea itself was all the more suited: in fact, it is a currency deposit, also with a good percentage. It was both cost effective and emotionally pleasing.
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Do you not regret this? What is it like to be the owner
of an apartment in Phuket?
Of course not. As I expected, I now have a foreign currency deposit and income that developed from 8% per annum. You will not receive these offers in any bank. There is also a bonus – the opportunity to relax on Phuket for free for one month. At the same time, I do not feel obliged to spend holidays in Thailand every year. I can give my friends the opportunity to rest without paying for their stay this month, while they are free to choose a place to rest.
In 2015, Phuket developers offered many real
estate options. Why did you choose
Calypso Condominium?
First of all, because of the area, and secondly, because of the developer. Next to the beach there is a lake for sports.Around the condominium is full of cafes, shops, and massage parlors.As for the developer, I know the company because of their projects in Vladivostok, Russia. Therefore, there were no doubts and fears. View from the apartment of Pavel in Calypso (photo from the personal archive).
Do you spend a lot of time and attention on an apartment?
In principle, it is completely autonomous. Every six months, I receive dividends on my account, already minus all payments and taxes. Once a year we come there and we see that the apartment is in the same condition.There were a couple of nuances, but they were quickly corrected.
What can you advise other buyers?
The main thing is to work with a developer who is not new to this business. If you choose a responsible and competent developer, make sure that he is interesting and profitable.
What are your future plans?
Buy another apartment or two, but only if everything works out. Next year, we have other plans for this, and our friends will go to our apartment for a holiday.
Over 3 years of the rental program, we helped return an 13,400,000 bath investment to our customers!

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