88/89 Moo 2 Amphoe Muang Phuket, 83130
+66 (0) 91 034 4004, +66 (0) 95 484 7077

EVG Group is a construction company
incorporated in Thailand and operating in
accordance with Thai legislation
Our residential real estate was built
in accordance with all building codes
adopted in the Kingdom of Thailand


In Thailand, a common practice when sales open long before the start of construction of the building - local companies seek to sell all the apartments before the start of the development phase.

In contrast, the company EVG Group begins construction within 1 month after Pre-sale starts, which guarantees the security of the transaction.

During construction, a pile earthquake
foundation is used

Надежный в эксплуатации
Не подвергается усадке
No shrinkage
180 piles
Number of piles
per object with
a diameter of 500 mm.
60 piles
Number of piles
per object with
a diameter of 350 mm.
6 meters

Monolithic frame of buildings is being erected
on the basis of PTS (Post Tension System) approved in Thailand

It allows you to:
To speed up the construction process at times
without compromising the reliability of the building
Make safe large spans between bearing structures
(6-10 m)
Reduce the cost of construction of the frame
Use panoramic windows in apartments
Keep the cost per square meter of housing on
the same level
Perform free planning inside the apartments

The inner and outer walls
are made of hollow ceramic bricks

It perfectly absorbs sound,
providing high-quality
sound insulation
It works like a thermos -
keeps you cool and does
not allow walls to heat
up much

We build for you cozy apartments
where it is comfortable and pleasant to live

Find out the conditions of purchase and features of
registration of your property in Phuket in the property