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EVG group is the property developer in Phuket, Thailand. Purchasing properties in Thailand with EVG group is without doubt your best capital investment


Selecting the right Developer plays a key role when buying a home abroad. The construction company should have serious experience and professionalism. EVG group refers precisely to this category of developers — we have been successfully building residential property in Thailand. Buying properties in Phuket from EVG group will be the right solution and guarantee the security of your investment


EVG group manages its properties in Phuket. We provide all sorts of services related to our property such as Condominium Services and Management. You can get the best service for your home by signing a contract with us


Buying or renting apartments in Thailand is the easy task when you are supported by the professional team. Our specialists’ advice will help you to choose the best terms of renting an apartment for the New Year or purchasing a Luxury property from EVG group. We provide full transaction support, which makes the purchasing or renting of EVG group’s property a very comfortable process for our Customers.



Exotic southern views of Phuket, breathtaking scenic views over the Andaman sea and the surrounding mountains.

conceptual designs

The simple forms and sophisticated conceptual designs and luxurious atmosphere make Pandora Residences an ideal choice of residential property in Phuket.


You are supported by the professional team while purchasing or renting from the EVG group.


Choose us and you will understand right away that this is what you’ve been looking for right here in Phuket.


Calypso Garden Residences

Calypso Garden Residences is a completely new project of family condo on Phuket island  from the developer company EVG Group. Currently condominium is under design phase, construction will begin in th February of 2018 and end in 2019. Pre sale open now!

During construction phase we offer super beneficial prices. Buying an apartment now, You save up to 1.000.000 Baht (25.800 €)! The cost of apartments will increase up to 30% as long as project will be completed.

The complex will have a playground, swimming pool and recreation areas. Calypso Garden  Residences will have all conditions for comfortable stay of families with children. Apartment near the sea in untouched nature of tropical island will give you and your family unforgettable moments of peaceful life, filled with joy and wonderful impressions!


Condominium Calypso

Calypso is a unique seven-floors condo (built in 2016) located in the South of Phuket island, in а tourist Nai Harn area. There is a beautiful beach only in 10-minutes walk from the condominium, various restaurants, cafes and shops are nearby as well. Building includes 46 ready to move-in apartments, designed in seven different types of plan, ranging from 33 to 79 sqm. There is a swimming pool, cable TV, Wi-Fi, security guard, reception and free shuttle bus to the beach.

Property prices in Thailand have a wide range depending on the class of housing. Condominium Calypso is a perfect choice for those looking to buy a property at affordable price and for people interested in rentals in Phuket for holidays. We regularly offer our buyers attractive promotions and discounts!


Pandora Residences

Complex Pandora Residences (built in 2016) on Phuket island is represented by 14 exclusive fully equipped 2- and 3-levels apartments of “Luxury” and “Premium” class, ranging from 90 to 300 sqm, with private lounge outdoors areas. Residence territory has all components of the cosy hotel: swimming pool, 24 hours security, TV and Wi-Fi. The project is situated on a hill surrounded by tropical nature, close to the scenic beaches of Nai Harn and Rawai. If you want to buy a property with ocean views, purchase of apartments in Pandora Residences will give you not only an opportunity of year-round vacation in paradise, but also will provide high liquidity investments. Various promotions and discounts on apartments will be a pleasant surprise for you and will allow to make profitable investment of your funds!


To purchase apartment in our facilities means to make the process of buying a property convenient, reliable and simple. These are the benefits of selling apartments from the developer, that is EVG Group. Our proposals are attractive because of affordable prices, high quality and absolute profitability of the investments!

For each of our property objects we offer you to sign guaranteed rental agreement with possibility to get passive income from 7% per year! (More)



Вы можете не только купить недвижимость на Пхукете, но и вернуть вложенные инвестиции. После приобретения квартиры можно заключить с нами договор аренды и получать стабильный доход. В рамках договора мы сдаем вашу квартиру в аренду, поддерживаем в ней полный порядок, предоставляем вам отчеты о ее состоянии и перечисляем вам гарантированный пассивный доход 5 или 7% годовых (в зависимости от объекта недвижимости).


  1. Ваш доход гарантирован договором и поступает на ваш счет стабильно, независимо от того, сдавалась ли в аренду ваша квартира или нет.
  2. Размер вашего годового дохода высчитывается из стоимости вашей квартиры на момент покупки.
  3. Из годового дохода вычитается 5% налога на прибыль.
  4. Вы получаете ваш годовой доход двумя равными частями один раз в полгода. То есть, если ваш годовой доход с вычетом налога составляет 300 000 бат, то один раз в полгода мы перечисляем на ваш счет 150 000 бат (298 500 рублей).
  5. По договору вы можете сами проживать в квартире в течение одного месяца в году в низкий сезон или двух недель в высокий сезон.

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