Thailand is preparing for Songkran

Thailand is preparing for Songkran

From April 11 to 15, Phuket will celebrate Songkran — the Thai New Year. For the rest of Thailand, the festivities will be held from April 13 to 15. In the days of the holiday, a state holiday has been announced.

Songkran is widely known for its massive ritual of dousing with water in order to wash away the negativity of last year. It is not necessary to pour water on a stranger from head to toe. It is enough to sprinkle the head and shoulders so you can wish them happiness in the new year.

If you want to participate in a water festival, you can join Songkran’s wet street parties in the early morning hours. It begins quite gently in Phuket City at about 10 am on Dibuk Road, and during the day it turns into water battles in Patong, Kata and Karon and continues on Bangla Road until late at night. We advise you to arm yourself with water pistols since they are sold at every corner. Be prepared for the fact that in the water, aside for ritual herbs, there may be ice or paint. And on Patong half of Bangla Road will be covered with foam.

The only way to stay dry is to stay at home, so we recommend packing your wallet and phone in waterproof cases before going out. Thais try not to splash water directly in the face and not to drench people with small children and people on motorcycles. But all these rules of good form are lost in tourist places like Patong, Kata and Karon because there is a crazy celebration.

This year in Phuket, the celebration will begin on April 11 at the big stage set on Patong Beach. On April 13, the religious part of the celebration will take place at 6 am. The Tak Bat and Song Nam ceremonies will be held with the participation of 139 monks in Sapan-Hin, and in the morning these ceremonies will be held in the Karon temple. For Tak Bat, we advise you to prepare small traditional offerings to monks. In Phuket Town, folk festivals will take place from April 13 to April 15 on Dibuk Road.

Engaging in the Thai New Year is a national joy. Buy a gun and a bucket and put gadgets into the covers and feel like a kid playing water wars. From time to time the older Thai ladies will approach you to anoint your cheek with white clay and whisper spells for good luck. And all this is in an atmosphere of happiness, joy and laughter. As they say Thais — “Sabaydee pi may!” (Happy new year)!



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